At ISP we specialize in individual and team sports performance
analysis and training.  We have a variety of sport specific training packages and customizable services to fit your needs.

Pro Training (Athletes)

 At ISP we love to help young athlete develop their untapped potential so they can become the athlete they have always dreamed about.  However, we understand that each athlete has specific individual needs depending on their goals and sport.  We treat each athlete as an individual and our qualified staff will help them set up, implement and follow through on a comprehensive program that will elevate their abilities and skills to the highest level.  

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VIP - Private Training

If you are serious about becoming the absolute best that you can be and achieve your ultimate sports performance dreams, this is the program for you.

Our coaches are second to none at transforming people from good to great! We have a variety of personalized options to fit your schedule and your training needs.

Let us help you achieve your dreams.


Body Composition Analysis

In order for any athlete to truly achieve their maximum performance they must have several key components in place if they are to truly achieve their dreams.  One of the biggest performance components for an athlete to learn to master is their nutrition.  Our state of the art body composition analysis can help any athlete dial in their nutrition to maximize their performance.

We do body composition testing for clients,
non clients and even entire teams.  

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Team Training

Our dedicated team at ISP specializes in designing incredibly effective and highly motivated team training programs.  We have a proven record of elevating athletic performance and team unity with our amazing team training programs. 

If you coach or participate on a sports team, at any level, then we can definitely help you and your team maximize your potential and dramatically improve your chances of winning your next game or tournament.  

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Adult Training

If you are an adult who aspires to improve your athletic performance for a team you participate on or simply want to get in the best shape of your life, we can help.  

Our expert staff can design a custom program that will catapult your performance to its highest level possible.  Our individualized programs will transform your athletic performance, your physique and allow you to realize your athletic and performance goals. 

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Family Training

At ISP we believe that family is the most important thing and when the entire family is training to improve their physical health then their relationships and solidarity improves as well.  We have some great programs that allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of great health, athletic performance and personal fitness.  

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