Three Principles to Help You Run Faster Part 3, Hydration

HydrationHydration is always important in running. Athletes should consume water throughout the day and not wait until they are thirsty. It is recommended that runners start exercise in a euhydrated state, which is a state of sufficient hydration (not too much and not too little). The best way to measure this is through body weight. If you have regular body weight measurements over a long period of time you will know your hydrated weight.

A good way to avoid dehydration is to consume water and/or sports drinks before, during and after your run. A general rule to follow is 20 ounces of fluid should be replaced for every pound lost during an exercise session. It is also recommended that you ingest 150% of the fluids you lost during exercise. Recovery hydration should occur over a five hour period. If you drink too rapidly it will stimulate urine production and will not be retained. Adding sodium can aid in retention.

Certain foods, medicines and vitamins may cause the color of your urine to change. If these have been consumed in large amounts then simply looking at the color of your urine will not be an accurate indicator of hydration.

Hydration is very important but often overlooked.  Don’t ruin all of your hard work because you forget to drink.

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